Islamic Jihad: We must use crisis in Israel for war against it

Israel National News reports: “Nasser Abu Sharif, a member of the Islamic Jihad terror group’s political wing, has called on the Palestinian Arab groups to unite in a war against Israel.

Abu Sharif stressed, ‘The Zionist entity is also facing real crises and suffering from significant internal disagreements. Therefore, the Palestinian nation is facing a new stage, and standing before a historic opportunity which it must utilize for fighting and the conflict for the sake of the Palestinian problem, and to achieve victory and remove the occupation from the Palestinian land.’

Speaking to Al-Quds Radio, which is affiliated with the Islamic Jihad, Abu Sharif said that the Palestinian struggle is continuing and even intensifying in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, because the Palestinian people see the struggle as the proper way to fight the Zionist operation which executes policy of ‘Judaizing’ the land…”

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