Islamic Movement official: Religious war will end with expulsion of Jews from Palestine

Israel National News reports: “Former MK Ibrahim Sarsur, a former leader of the Islamic Movement’s Southern Branch and a member of the Shura Council, has slammed Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana’s (Yamina) recent statement regarding Israeli Arabs.

‘Matan Kahana’s pitiful words, in addition to being fascist and disgusting, prove two important things: One, there is still a very high percentage of Zionists who believe that ethnic cleansing is the solution to the Jewish problem. Two, his recognition of the fact that the Palestinian nation is a fact, and that it will continue to exist in its homeland forever,’ Sarsur said.

Sarsur also supports ‘redeeming’ Jerusalem and creating a ‘Palestinian’ state in preparation for the creation of an Islamic caliphate in all of ‘Palestine’ and beyond it…”

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