Islamic State Celebrates Mozambique Gas Hub Massacre

Breitbart.com reports: “The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for last week’s attack on the Mozambican town of Palma, a local news site reported on Tuesday.

Hundreds of terrorists believed to be tied to ISIS stormed Palma on March 24. The resort town lies north of a natural gas processing plant that employs large numbers of foreign workers throughout the area. The jihadis laid siege to Palma, infiltrating military barracks, banks, shops, and homes.

The Islamic State formally claimed responsibility for Palma’s seizure through its online propaganda outlet, the Amaq News Agency, on March 29, saying the attack had ’resulted in the deaths of 55 Mozambican forces and Christians including contractors from outside the country.’

A Mozambican affiliate of ISIS known locally as Shabaab, or ‘the youth’ in Arabic, carried out the assault on Palma, according to the Associated Press…”

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