Israel begins nation-wide emergency preparedness exercises

Israel National News reports: “A large-scale military exercise to raise the level of preparedness for emergencies at all IDF command centers and bases, as well as among the civilian population, began Sunday morning.

The IDF said that the purpose of the General Staff exercise is to train the main commanders in a variety of emergency and war scenarios, and to deepen the readiness and operational dialogue between the various command centers.

The exercise is not part of the joint exercise of the IDF and the US Army, the Juniper Cobra 2018 exercise, which is currently underway. During the week, exercises will be held in several locations around the country.

The goal of the home front exercise is to improve the preparedness of all the bodies in Israel from the national level to the level of the individual citizen for emergencies. As in previous years, emphasis is being placed on training the Home Front Command forces in cooperation with the National Emergency Authority, the local authorities, the security and rescue organizations, the education system, and public and private organizations…”

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