Israel in Hague hearing: ‘Hamas tortured, burned, raped and abducted – Israel justified in actions’

YnetNews.com reports: “In response to South Africa’s unfounded allegations against it amid ongoing conflict, Israel’s representations are being heard Friday morning at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The case brought against Israel by South Africa accuses it of acts in the Gaza Strip that, according to them, constitute ‘genocide.’

In Thursday’s preliminary hearing, South African advocates presented a series of charges, most of which lack evidential foundation or are exaggerated and bizarre. They seek an interim order from the court to halt the war. The South Africans almost completely ignored the massacre committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

Representing Israel in the court is former Supreme Court chief justice Aharon Barak. Israel’s lead advocate is Prof. Malcolm Shaw, a British Jewish legal scholar.

Tal Becker, the legal adviser for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, spoke at the opening of the second day of hearings and bashed South Africa for what he called a ‘grossly distorted story’ it brought before the court with its accusations that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza.

‘Hamas terrorists tortured, burned, raped and abducted Israeli citizens,’ he said, charging that the applicant neglected to mention Hamas’ crimes against Israeli citizens…”

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