Israel-Saudi peace can’t happen without Palestinian progress, ex-commanders say

The Jerusalem Post  reports: “Over 500 former high-ranking officials from the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Foreign Ministry and others on Thursday endorsed a call by 20 US Senators for any normalization between Israel and the Saudis to be conditioned on progress with the Palestinians.

The NGO, Commanders for Israel’s Security (CIS), said they support ‘Senators Van Hollen, Murphy, Welch and Majority Whip Durbin, as well the other co-signatories, for their insistence that the Saudi-Israeli normalization process serves to change dynamics on the Israeli-Palestinian track as well.’

In a statement, they said that ‘the possibility of normalizing Saudi-Israel relations holds the promise of contributing to Israel’s security, prosperity and regional integration, as it enhances regional stability and opens the door to further breakthroughs with other Arab and Muslim countries’…”

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