Israel tests a long-range missile able to reach Tehran, Report

YnetNews.com reports: “Israel conducted a test launch for a missile with a range of up to 1,800 kilometers, (1,118 miles) pro-Kremlin Rybar said on Thursday. The missile was reportedly seen diving into the Mediterranean Sea east of the Island nation of Malta.

The Defense Ministry said on Monday that it had carried out a pre-planned experimental launching of a propulsion system from a base in the center of the country.

Rybar, a pro-Russian Telegram channel and think tank, which sometimes serves as Moscow’s channel for leaks said the missile reached farther than the distance between Israel and Tehran. ‘Against the background of escalation with Lebanon and statements on the Iranian side about possible involvement of their forces in the conflict, such a test seems symbolic,’ Rybar said.

The announcement from the Ministry of Defense on Monday morning was very brief. ‘Israel conducted a routine pre-scheduled test of a rocket system from Israel’s coastal range. The test was carried out as planned.’

Many in Israel photographed the missile’s plume in the sky after the launch and flights did not land or take off from Ben Gurion Airport for the duration. There is very little information available publicly about the trial of the propulsion system, conducted amid Israel’s war in Gaza…”

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