Israel: We Will Enter Rafah and ‘Achieve Total Victory’ over Hamas

Breitbart.com reports: “Israel reiterated its intention Thursday to enter the town of Rafah in Gaza to destroy the remaining battalions of Hamas, promising to achieve ‘total victory’ when it did so.

The Biden administration and Israel have been at odds over whether Israel should enter Rafah, with Israeli officials reportedly arguing with White House officials during a Zoom meeting on the topic earlier this week.

In a press briefing, Breitbart News asked Israeli government spokesperson Raquela Karamson: ‘Is the humanitarian cost of the delay greater than the humanitarian cost would have been if Israel had entered Rafah right away and ended the war with victory?’

While declining to answer specifically, Karamson said that Israel’s entry into Rafah ‘will be the completion of our war against Hamas,’ and that Israel would do so ‘to destroy the remaining battalions’ of the terror organization.

She quoted war cabinet member Benny Gantz — an opposition figure who recently demanded new elections — as saying that one could not put out 80% of a fire and leave 20% of it still burning.

‘When it is time to enter Rafah, we will do so, and we will achieve total victory there,’ she said…”

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