Israeli citizens caught smuggling explosives from Jordan for Islamic Jihad

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Two Israeli citizens from the Tulkarm area were arrested after they were caught smuggling firearms and explosives for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist movement over the Jordanian border in early August, the Shin Bet said on Tuesday.

The two were identified as Samer Farid Ghanam Knoh and Osama Nissim Ghazi Harouf. Harouf is known for his connections to terrorist operatives.

Another unnamed individual from the Tulkarm area was also arrested in connection with the case.

On August 3, Knoh and Harouf were caught smuggling firearms and explosives at the Jordanian border, with four handguns and four explosive devices found in their possession.

A photo of the devices showed that the explosive devices were MON-50 anti-personnel mines (similar to a Claymore mine) produced in Russia and Bulgaria. It is unclear where the weapons were being sourced from…”

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