Jerusalem’s chief Sephardic rabbi condemns harassment of Christians

The Times of Israel reports: “The chief Sephardic rabbi of Jerusalem and a tourism sector boss have added their voice to the chorus of condemnation against the harassment of Christians in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Shlomo Amar on Tuesday spoke out in an English-language letter against the phenomenon, which received attention in the media following an unauthorized protest on May 28 by religious Jews led by a deputy mayor of Jerusalem against Christian worshipers at the Western Wall.

‘We were sorry to hear from non-Jewish clerics that a number of young Jews and some who pretend to be G-d-fearing, persecute them with curses, blasphemies and more, as they walk the streets of the city. No doubt, irresponsible people who are not at all observant of the Torah and its ways did this. We announce that such behavior is strictly forbidden,’ read the letter published Tuesday by Amar, whose office rarely publishes statements in English.

In the May 28 altercation, Deputy Mayor Arieh King led hundreds of religious Jews who chanted ‘missionaries go home’ as hundreds of Christians arrived to a southern section of the Western Wall for a prayer event that organizers advertised as being for God’s plan for Israel…”

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