Jordanian parliament praises Temple Mount terror attack

Israel National News reports: “After Jordan’s King Abdullah II condemned the murder of two Israeli Border Police officers near the Temple Mount on Friday, some Jordanian lawmakers voiced support for the three murderers, praising them as ‘martyrs’, Yediot Ahronot reported.

On Saturday, Abdullah spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu following the attack, and issued a condemnation of the murders.

Less than a day later, however, the Jordanian parliament expressed support for the terrorists, praising them as ‘martyrs’.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Jordanian Parliament’s lower chamber, Atef Tarawneh, hailed the terror attack during an address to the parliament.

‘May Allah’s mercy be on our martyrs, who watered the holy soil.’

‘Our heads are lifted up by the fighting of young Palestinians who are still fighting in the name of the people.’…”

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