Judge: LGBT law forcing Christians to violate beliefs is no threat to churches

WND.com reports: “A judge in Virginia has given his opinion that a state law that has forced churches to censor their beliefs on marriage, sexuality and gender from their own websites under the threat of huge fines is not inflicting any damage on those institutions.

A report from Just the News has outlined the recent claim from Judge James Plowman of Loudoun County, in a case brought by Calvary Road Baptist Church, Community Fellowship Church, Community Christian Academy and Care Net, a ministry.

They had to remove their own biblical beliefs from their websites because of the threat from a state law that is charged with violating the Virginia Bill of Rights and the state Religious Freedom Restoration Act by forcing ministries to violate their beliefs.

The law allows no exemption from its LGBT mandates for religious organizations.

The state is threatening $100,000 fines per violation as well as ‘unlimited compensatory and punitive damages,’ the churches have confirmed…”

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