Just 6 Commandments? Christians feel 4 no longer important

WND.com reports: “In a famous scene from ‘History of the World: Part I,’ Mel Brooks portrays Moses descending Mount Sinai carrying three stone tablets after receiving God’s laws.

Moses then proclaims to the people: ‘The Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen …’

He then accidentally drops and shatters one of the tablets, and declares: ‘Oy … ten! TEN Commandments! For all to obey!’

Now, a brand-new survey in real life is showing a somewhat similar scenario, with many Christians willing to drop four of the Ten Commandments from their life.

​According to a poll by YouGov, only six of the ten are important to British Christians, with most saying the other four are not ‘important principles to live by’ in the 21st century…”

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