Khamenei adviser: We will thwart ‘U.S. and Israeli plots’

Israel National News reports: “A top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader recently declared that Iran would maintain its involvement and presence in the region, in order to thwart the plots of Israel and the U.S., among other goals.

The comments by Ali Akbar Velayati were made on February 1 Mashhad, at the Conference for Support of the Palestinian Intifada. The comments, which were reported by Iranian media, were quoted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

‘Let me tell you, you don’t have to worry about that mess (a reference to the recent popular uprising in Iran -ed.), some of whose [participants] stupidly became a tool in the hands of the mercenaries and speak against the sacred goals of the revolution. The call ‘Neither Gaza nor Lebanon’ conceals a misunderstanding of the developments in the world. Can someone sit at home and say that the conflagration at his neighbor’s home does not concern him?’

‘Everyone wants a foothold in our country. That is the essence of the global developments,’ claimed Velayati.

‘Let’s assume we aren’t Muslims. [Even so], could we conceivably [watch] the Israeli flag being raised near our border, in the Kurdish region of Iraq, and remain silent?’ he continued.

‘The Lebanese Hezbollah has grown stronger thanks to Iran, and we are proud of this. Hezbollah is now in a situation similar to [its situation in] the 2006 Lebanon war: The Israeli leaders are fleeing from it,’ claimed Velayati.

‘In the Gaza war, the leaders of the resistance in Palestine said, ‘Iran supplied us with everything, from bread to bullets.’ After the war, [Islamic Jihad leader] Ramadan [Shalah] declared this at a press conference. We are proud to sit here and help the Muslims against the Zionists,’ he stated.

‘Today,’ claimed Velayati, ‘America wants to dismantle countries. The plot of the New Middle East [involves] breaking up countries, and Iran opposes this.’…”

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