Khamenei: ‘No one can stop Iranian nuclear weapons’

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that a deal with the West over the regime’s nuclear program is possible if the country’s nuclear infrastructure remains intact, Reuters reported.

Months of indirect talks between Tehran and Washington to salvage the nuclear accord with six major powers have stalled since September, with both sides accusing each other of making unreasonable demands.

According to Iranian state media, the Supreme Leader stated: ‘There is nothing wrong with the agreement (with the West), but the infrastructure of our nuclear industry should not be touched.’

Khamenei repeated the claim that the Islamic Republic has never sought to build a nuclear bomb but added that if it did want to obtain one, no one could stop it.

‘Accusations about Tehran seeking nuclear weapons is a lie, and they know it. We do not want nuclear arms because of our religious beliefs. Otherwise, they (the West) would not have been able to stop it,’ Khamenei said…”

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