Kids commit terror for approval of other kids reports: “A Palestinian activist has admitted that Palestinian children are performing acts of terrorism against Israel and are motivated by a desire for approval of their peers.

Palestinian Media Watch explained that the admission by Ayed Abu Qteish, an official with the private organization Defense for Children International-Palestine, conflicts with the organization’s public relations effort in the United States and Canada to portray Israelis as abusers of innocent Palestinian children.

PMW points out that in a recent interview on official PA TV, Abu Qteish admitted that Palestinian minors commit terror attacks, and that they do it not so much because they want to attack Israelis, but to enhance or maintain their status in Palestinian society.

Qteish stated on PA TV: ‘There are children who, when they were in prison, told the lawyer: ‘I want to be imprisoned.’ The first time [the child] was imprisoned, he didn’t confess, and they released him because there was no evidence to convict him in the Israeli military court. The second time, there was no evidence either. The third time, he wanted to be imprisoned so that his image won’t be hurt in the eyes of his friends, even though he is actually innocent.’

Qteish said that in several cases, Palestinian children ‘carried out stabbing operations because of the way the public looks at them.’…”

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