‘Kill Them All’: New ISIS Call for Truck Attacks as Stockholm Terrorist Goes on Trial

PJMedia.com reports: “A pro-ISIS group has been issuing a wave of online posters in English and Arabic encouraging would-be jihadists to conduct simple attacks at home employing a variety of methods.

The latest poster from the media group calling itself Muharar al-Ansar shows the front of a white cargo truck similar to that used to kill 86 people in Nice, France, in 2016.

‘Hit them with a truck,’ the poster declared. ‘Kill them all.’

The call was issued as an official ISIS media outlet, the weekly al-Naba newsletter, reported on the hearings that began in Stockholm this week for Rahmat Akilov, the Uzbek accused of the April 2017 ramming attack using a stolen beer truck on a shopping district in which five people were killed.

Calling Akilov a ‘mujahid,’ the ISIS article highlighted how the attacker said he wanted to be killed in the attack as a ‘martyr.’…”

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