Kim Jong Un Hails His Military as ‘Strongest in the World’

Voice of America News reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, his wife and daughter Ju-ae, visited soldiers at their barracks ahead of a quinquennial army anniversary, the nation’s main broadsheet Rodong Sinmun said on Wednesday.

Wednesday is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean People’s Army or the KPA. A large-scale military parade is anticipated, but not yet reported.

In a commemorative banquet on Tuesday, Kim Jong Un praised the state’s military tradition that — despite the odds — persisted through the decades to achieve a ‘great and absolute power,’ in an apparent reference to North Korea’s nuclear weapon capability.

Kim also hailed the Korean People’s Army as the ‘strongest in the world,’ according to Rodong Sinmun, that ‘radiates an extraordinary sense of responsibility and an unbreakable superhuman willpower.’

He lauded the soldiers as the height of the North Korean people’s dignity who defend their bright days ahead, as he called for ‘redoubled efforts’ toward the development of the armed forces and the socialist cause…”

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