Kim Jong Un oversees missile launch in ‘power demonstration’ to South Korea

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un guided a firing drill of 600mm super-large multiple rocket launchers as both a warning to South Korea and a rehearsal for a preemptive strike, state-run media reported Friday,

The exercise, held Thursday, was a ‘power demonstration’ that showed North Korea ‘will not hesitate to carry out a preemptive attack by invoking the right to self-defense at any time,’ the official Korean Central News Agency reported.

The rockets ‘accurately hit an island target 365 km [227 miles] away and successfully carried out their task for power demonstration firing,’ KCNA said.

South Korea’s military said Thursday it detected a launch of around 10 short-range ballistic missiles from the Pyongyang area.

The United States and South Korea refer to the 600mm rocket system as the KN-25 and characterize it as a short-range ballistic missile. North Korea has claimed since October 2022 that the weapon can be fitted with a tactical nuclear warhead.

The North said that the firing drill was conducted in direct response to a recent show of force by South Korea, which held an aerial exercise Monday ahead of Pyongyang’s failed attempt to launch a spy satellite…”

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