Kim Jong Un visits missile launcher factory, warns of ‘military showdown’

SpaceWar.com reports: “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un toured a factory producing mobile launchers for intercontinental ballistic missiles, state media reported Friday, while ordering increased preparations for a ‘military showdown with the enemy.’

Kim visited the transporter erector launcher, or TEL, facility with his young daughter Ju-ae as well as senior officials including his sister Kim Yo Jong, propaganda chief Ri Il Hwan and close aide Jo Yong Won.

He called the strategic missile TELs ‘the top priority for bolstering up the national defense capabilities,’ according to state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Kim urged production to be ‘pushed forward … nonstop, given the prevailing grave situation that requires the country to be more firmly prepared for a military showdown with the enemy.’

Tensions remain high on the Korean Peninsula, with the North doubling down on its U.N.-banned nuclear and missile programs while allies Seoul and Washington boost military cooperation.

Photos carried by KCNA showed TELs mounted with what appear to be Hwasong-17 and Hwasong-18 ICBMs, both believed capable of reaching anywhere on the U.S. mainland…”

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