Knife-wielding radical Muslims attack evangelists for leading people to Christ in Uganda

The Christian Post reports: “Two evangelists sustained deep knife wounds after leading several Muslims to Christ at debates on Islam and Christianity in eastern Uganda, sources said.

Andrew Dikusooka, 35, and 26-year-old Ronald Musasizi had debated Islamic scholars in several areas around Iganga District, and some attacked them after a Sept. 20-24 series of such debates in the district’s predominantly Muslim Nampirika village, said a leader of their ministry, unnamed for security reasons.

‘The two evangelists are nursing terrible wounds on their sick beds in Iganga town after being attacked and beaten by radical Muslims,’ the leader told Morning Star News.

Dikusooka said that after the last day of the debate, well-known Muslims were among those who put their faith in Christ.

‘Many people gave their lives to Christ, including Muslims, witchdoctors and street vendors,’ Dikusooka told Morning Star News. ‘The conversion of these people angered Muslims who began shouting to disrupt the occasion. When the meeting ended, we took the new converts aside and had a few minutes explaining the meaning of the new life in Christ and the commitment to follow Jesus Christ.’

They were halfway home at about 7:30 p.m. when a group of Muslims blocked them near a railroad crossing shouting, ‘They are the ones — beat them, beat them,’ he said…”

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