Koran-burnings to continue, despite Sweden terror threat

EUObserver.com reports: “Koran-burnings in Sweden are to go on as before, despite its upgrade of the terrorist threat from ‘violent Islamism’.

One application to do so has been lodged for Saturday (19 August) by a 47-year old Iranian woman, Marjan Bahrami, who aims to burn the sacred Muslim book on a beach in Bromma, 10km from Stockholm city centre.

‘Why shouldn’t I burn the Koran? There are only good reasons for doing so,’ she told EUobserver in a written statement.

‘Islam is the greatest threat to democracy and human rights,’ she added.

‘I want to be the voice of the victims who are being executed only for their complaints against Islam and its governments and nothing else — the people of Iran and Afghanistan, who live in the worst conditions imaginable,’ she said…”

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