Lapid says the world must act to protect against Iran

YnetNews.com reports: “Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Tuesday that Iran is in violation of the nuclear deal.

Speaking after the two leaders met, Lapid said Israel and France were not only friends, they were strategic partners.

The prime minister said that France is one of the main world powers negotiating with Iran on a return to the nuclear deal and although the two countries may disagree about the content of the agreement they are not in disagreement about the facts.

‘Iran is violating the agreement and continues to develop its program. Iran is hiding information from the world, It is enriching uranium beyond the it is allowed to and it has removed cameras from its nuclear sites. Given all this, the world must respond,’ he said.

Lapid turned to Macron and reminded him that he was the first among leaders to say that a better deal with Iran, one that would have no time limitations, was needed in order to prevent Iran from becoming a threshold nuclear state.

‘You were right then, and you are even more right today,’ Lapid said. ‘The current situation cannot continue as it is. It will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which would threaten world peace. We must all work together to stop that from happening,’ he said…”

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