Latest in Ukraine: Britain Says Russia Could Be Preparing Black Sea Blockade

Voice of America News reports: “Britain’s defense ministry said Wednesday that Russia has altered its naval activity in the Black Sea, adding that there is a possibility Russian forces were preparing ‘to enforce a blockade of Ukraine.’

Last week, Russia withdrew from a nearly year-old agreement brokered by the United Nations and Turkey that allowed for the safe passage of grain shipments from Ukrainian Black Sea ports. Before the deal, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had halted the grain exports, worsening a global food crisis.

The British defense ministry said in its daily update that the Russian corvette Sergey Kotov had deployed to the Black Sea to patrol a shipping lane between the Bosporus Strait and Ukraine’s southern port of Odesa.

‘There is a realistic possibility that it will form part of a task group to intercept commercial vessels Russia believes are heading to Ukraine,’ the British ministry said…”

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