Lebanon fires massive barrage of rockets into Israel’s North on Passover

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Rocket sirens sounded across northern Israel on Thursday afternoon, during the Passover holiday, amid a barrage of rocket attacks launched across the northern border with Lebanon, IDF confirmed.

A single rocket launched from Lebanese territory was successfully shot down by the Iron Dome air defense system. Minutes later, sirens sounded in dozens of northern Israeli towns and villages amid a barrage of rockets from Israel’s northern border.

Local residents reported hearing loud blasts echo across northern Israel as red alerts continued in towns near the Lebanese border, including Matsuva, Shlomi, Hanita, Admit, Eylon, Hila, Rosh HaNikra and Arab el Aramashe.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office sent out a statement on Thursday afternoon, saying the prime minister will hold a situational assessment with security establishment officials. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also said he was familiar with the details of the security situation in Israel’s North, adding that initial orders were given to the IDF chief of staff for a response…”

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