Liberman: ‘An extended ceasefire means victory for Hamas’

Israel National News reports: “MK Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) on Wednesday morning responded to the extended ceasefire with Hamas.

‘The Israeli government must not agree to an extended ceasefire with the Hamas terrorists, without reaching the goals of the war,’ Liberman wrote.

Liberman also reiterated the goals of the war: ‘1. Release of all the hostages. 2. Eliminating Hamas and the leaders of Hamas, in Israel and abroad. Not one of them should die a natural death. 3. Complete destruction of all terror infrastructure within the Strip. 4. Throwing Hezbollah back behind the Litani [River], in accordance with Resolution 1701 of the UN Security Council.’

‘An extended ceasefire without meeting the goals of the war will mean a victory of Hamas and the continuation of Yahya Sinwar’s regime – something which will critically harm Israel’s deterrence’…”

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