London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Shuttering of Churches and Other Places of Worship

Breitbart.com reports: “London mayor Sadiq Khan has written to Boris Johnson requesting the immediate closure of all places of worship to curb the spread of coronavirus cases.

Churches and other places of worship have been allowed to stay open during the current lockdown, but Mr. Khan has asked that they be forced to close in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The mayor has declared a ‘major incident’ as the coronavirus infection rate has surpassed one per cent in the Greater London area. Khan said that such a state of emergency is justified because London’s hospitals risk being ‘overwhelmed.’

‘Our heroic doctors, nurses and NHS staff are doing an amazing job, but with cases rising so rapidly, our hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed,’ Khan said Friday. ‘The stark reality is that we will run out of beds for patients in the next couple of weeks unless the spread of the virus slows down drastically.’

‘We are declaring a major incident because the threat this virus poses to our city is at crisis point,’ Khan said…”

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