‘Loyalty to Allah’ Prompts a Muslim to Murder a Christian

PJMedia.com reports: “The Muslim murderer of a Coptic man in Egypt said he was moved to the act, not because he personally knew the Christian, but because he was inflamed with zeal, especially after reading the Koran, and because he is ‘loyal to Allah.’

In late April—a few days after another Muslim man slaughtered a Coptic Christian priest—three masked men pulled up in their vehicle near the workshop of Rani Ra’fat, a 28-year-old engineer, in the town of al-Daba in Egypt’s north-western coastal Marsa Matrouh area (near Libyan borders). Once the Copt appeared, a hail of fire was opened on him; he died on the spot, and 22 bullets were found in his body. His killers then fled the scene.

On May 13, a man claiming to be the murderer made a brief video, in which he beams a great smile and congratulates himself for his deed. He identified himself as Faisal Abdul Nasser and said that he did not know his victim but that he had heard that the Christian man, a ‘polytheist,’ was ‘involved’ with a Muslim woman, which is forbidden in Islam…”

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