Mattis: ‘Unwise’ for Assad to use chemical weapons

Israel National News reports: “U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Sunday it would be ‘very unwise’ for the Syrian regime to use gas as a weapon against the people of Eastern Ghouta and elsewhere, AFP reports.

Mattis’s warning came amid reports that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces have used chlorine gas in the rebel-held area near Damascus. He underscored his remarks by referencing President Donald Trump’s strike on a Syrian airbase after an alleged chemical attack last year.

‘We have made it very clear that it would be very unwise to use gas against people, civilians on any battlefield,’ Mattis was quoted as having told reporters accompanying him on a trip to Oman.

‘I just want to reiterate that it would be very unwise for them to use weaponized gas, and I think President Trump made that very clear early in his administration.’

Mattis said he was aware of ‘an awful lot of reports about chlorine gas use or about symptoms that could be resulting from chlorine gas,’ but indicated he did not have conclusive evidence…”

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