Medvedev threatens US with hypersonic cruise missiles, likens US to Nazis

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev threatened the United States of America with hypersonic cruise missiles and compared the American government’s policies to that of Nazis in a Thursday Telegram post in response to a US embassy appeal to Russian citizens for peace.

‘The main gift of the New Year was the arsenal of Zircon missiles that went yesterday to the shores of NATO countries,’ said Medvedev, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin who currently serves as Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council.

The nuclear warhead-capable Zircon missiles were reported by Reuters Wednesday to have been placed on the frigate Admiral Gorshkov to be deployed to the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

‘1000 km range with hypersonic Mach 9 and the ability to use any payload with a guarantee overcome any missile defense,’ threatened Medvedev. ‘Let it [Gorshkov] stand somewhere 100 miles from the coast, closer to the Potomac River.’

The Potomac flows through Washington DC, the capital of the United States…”

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