Members of UN Security Council demand emergency session to discuss Hamas rapes

Israel National News reports: “The US, UK, and France on Thursday night officially requested that the United Nations Security Council convene an emergency meeting to discuss the sexual atrocities committed by the Hamas terror group on October 7.

The meeting was first requested by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz (Likud).

Katz praised the move, adding, ‘The US, UK, and France back my call for a UN Security Council session on Hamas’s sexual violence.’

‘On International Women’s Day, the UN and the Secretary General Antonio Guterres must act, not be silent. Time to declare Hamas a terror group and call for the release of all hostages.’

On Monday, the United Nations released its report on the evidence of mass rape committed on October 7, concluding that there is ‘reasonable grounds to believe’ that Hamas terrorists committed acts of rape and mass rape ad other forms of sexual violence during the massacre in southern Israel…”

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