Minister Benny Gantz warns: If we stop now – Hamas will regain control

Israel National News reports: “The chairman of the National Unity Party, Minister Benny Gantz, gave a statement on Wednesday afternoon in which he said that the war against Hamas in Gaza must not be stopped.

‘The achievements of the IDF are increasing. Shaft after shaft, headquarters after headquarters. A large part of the Gaza Strip is not ruled by Hamas today. The public institutions were destroyed, it does not provide education or medical services except through international organizations. A Gazan citizen does not have a true governmental address,’ Gantz said.

He added that ‘even in the military aspects – many of the Hamas battalions have been disbanded, the launch capabilities have been damaged, and its effective control on the ground, with an emphasis on the northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City – does not exist. We must continue. If we stop now, Hamas will regain control.’

Gantz noted that the two goals of the war – the return of the hostages and the eradication of Hamas – are achievable. ‘Reality obliges us and the achievements allow us to examine and adjust our operating methods and strengths.’

‘In most areas we have completed the stage of operational takeover, and now we are deep in the stage of dismantling the terrorist infrastructure, which will lead to the demilitarization of the Strip. We carry out our activities in the Strip by combining defense, attack and dismantling infrastructure,’ stated Gantz…”

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