Mob Lynches Man in Pakistan Police Custody Over Alleged Blasphemy

Voice of America News reports: “An enraged mob in central Pakistan stormed a police station Saturday, grabbed a detainee facing blasphemy charges and lynched him.

The incident happened in Nankana Sahib, a remote city in the most populous Punjab province of the Muslim-majority country.

Police officials said the victim, identified as Muhammad Waris, had been taken into custody for allegedly desecrating the Quran. They said news of the alleged crime outraged residents and hundreds of them later surrounded the police station, demanding the accused be handed over to them.

Overwhelmed by the large crowd, police officers fled the facility. Protesters grabbed the man and dragged him out to the street where they beat him to death. A police spokesperson later told reporters that police reinforcements were able to prevent the mob from setting the body on fire.

Videos circulating on social media showed protesters dragging the victim’s naked body through the streets…”

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