More Powerful Quakes Shake Calamity-Hit Western Afghanistan

Voice of America News reports: “A pair of strong earthquakes shook western Afghanistan on Sunday, disrupting the power supply to Herat province, which was already reeling from a week of devastating quakes.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude 6.3 and 5.5 quakes struck 20 minutes apart early morning, with their epicenters located outside Herat.

Authorities said surrounding provinces Badghis and Farah were also jolted by Sunday’s tremors, reporting the death of at least two people and more than 100 were brought to the main hospital in Herat. Residents and local officials confirmed that power was briefly cut off throughout province following the first quake.

The western Afghan region, bordering Iran, has experienced several major earthquakes and aftershocks since Oct. 7, when a magnitude 6.3 quake first rattled Herat…”

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