Mossad chief: Iran plans to supply Russia with more advanced weapons

Israel National News reports: “Mossad chief David Barnea warned on Thursday that Iran intends to ‘deepen and expand the supply of advanced weapons to Russia.’

‘In recent months, we have identified dangerous, threatening, some defiant processes on the part of Iran,’ Barnea said during a medal ceremony at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem attended by President Isaac Herzog.

‘Iran is radicalizing and increasing its attempts to carry out terrorist attacks, which we suppress every day, all over the world,’ added Barnea.

‘We also warn today of Iran’s future intentions, which they are trying to keep secret, to deepen and expand the supply of advanced weapons to Russia,’ he said.

‘We warn of intentions to expand the uranium enrichment project and warn of their intentions to intensify their attacks on friendly Muslim countries in the region in various ways. Iran will not have nuclear weapons, not in the coming years, never. This is my commitment, this is the Mossad’s commitment,’ stated the Mossad chief…”

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