Most Brits don’t believe the Bible is relevant to their own lives

ChristianToday.com reports: “A new study by the Bible Society has found that only a minority of Brits see the Bible as relevant to their own lives.

In the survey of nearly 20,000 adults, only 18% said that the Bible was ‘relevant to them personally’.

This was despite 40% of those surveyed saying that they were Christian.

Over half (52%) of the respondents agreed that it was important to know the Bible because it has shaped British culture, and a majority (61%) said that it was good for children to know Bible stories.

The survey underscored Britain’s increasing secularisation, with just under half (49%) saying that they were not religious, and the same proportion saying that there was ‘definitely, or probably, not a God or gods’.

By comparison, only 38% said that there ‘definitely or probably is’ a God or gods…”

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