Muslim cleric in Toronto: Zionists should be eradicated

Israel National News reports: “The annual Al-Quds Day rally held in Toronto this past Saturday once again turned into a platform for incitement against Israel.

Sheikh Shafiq Hudda, director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ontario, said during the rally that a day will come when we will see ‘the eradication of the unjust powers, such as the American empire, such as the Israeli Zionists.’

He challenged the IDF to enter Gaza and ‘fight like men, not cowards,’ saying, ‘You will leave in body bags.’

Hudda’s comments were documented by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

‘More than any other nation on the face of this earth, the Zionist entity of Israel has been condemned by the United Nations, by human rights organizations, by any believer of justice and love of humanity,’ he said…”

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