Muslims wants ‘blasphemers’ prosecuted … worldwide! reports: “For years, Islamic nations have successfully pressed the United Nations to pass non-binding resolutions condemning ‘defamation of religion.’

In nations such as Pakistan, the penalty for ‘blasphemy’ against Islam or its prophet is death. While the sentence has not been imposed in recent years, some people who have been accused of blasphemy have been murdered by Muslim vigilantes before they can get to court.

Reuters reported just days ago an estimated 65 defendants, lawyers or judges involved in blasphemy cases have been murdered since 1990.

WND reported seven years ago the defamation resolutions introduced in the U.N. by the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation were losing support.

But now a worldwide Christian ministry that operates in dozens of Muslim-dominated countries warns a new effort is under way.

‘The aim is not simply to remove anything posted on the Internet deemed offensive to Islam, but to find out who posted it and prosecute them,’ says the non-profit charity Barnabas Aid, which assists persecuted Christians globally.

Pakistan’s interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, has already said he wants to extradite anyone overseas accused of Islamic blasphemy, the group said…”

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