Nasrallah says Israel ‘will cease to exist’ if war erupts, as rhetoric escalates

The Times of Israel reports: “Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Monday continued his terror organization’s war of words with Israel, warning that if conflict erupts, the Jewish state ‘will cease to exist.’

In a televised speech marking 17 years since the end of the Second Lebanon War, the head of the Iran-backed Shiite terror group claimed that Israel’s military has gradually ‘weakened’ since the ‘defeat’ it allegedly suffered in 2006.

‘After 17 years of attempts, preparation, and development, the Israelis have been unable to restore the image of the Israeli army,’ he said, according to the Al-Mayadeen news outlet.

‘The Israeli army today is in its worst shape in history,’ he added, referring to warnings by top IDF officers that military readiness has been hurt by reservist protests against the government’s judicial overhaul…”

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