Nasrallah says ‘no place’ in Israel would be safe in war, threatens to target Cyprus

The Times of Israel reports: “The head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group Hassan Nasrallah said Wednesday that nowhere in Israel would be safe if a full-fledged war breaks out between the two foes, while also threatening Cyprus and other parts of the Mediterranean.

Speaking at a ceremony commemorating slain Hezbollah senior commander Taleb Abdullah, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon last week alongside three other operatives, Nasrallah commented on the escalating conflict with the Jewish state and said the Shiite terror group does not want ‘total war’ but is only acting in support of Hamas.

Hezbollah has been attacking northern Israel since October 8, leading to Israeli reprisals and an escalating conflict Israel has increasingly warned could spark open war.

Were Israel to launch a large-scale offensive against the Lebanese terror group, it must prepare for attacks from the ground, the air and the sea, and the ‘situation in the Mediterranean will change completely,’ Nasrallah vowed.

‘No place’ in Israel would be spared from the group’s weapons in case of a full-blown war, Nasrallah warned, saying Hezbollah will fight with ‘no rules’ and ‘no ceilings’ and adding: ‘The enemy knows well that we have prepared ourselves for the worst… and that no place… will be spared from our rockets.’…”

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