Nasrallah threatens to punish Israel over U.S. policies

YnetNews.com reports: “Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel on Thursday in response to what he claimed was chaos spread by the United States.

In a speech commemorating slain Hezbollah leaders, Nasrallah condemned any ‘conspiracies’ by the U.S. against Lebanon, saying his Iran-backed terror group would punish Israel.

‘The Americans must know that if they push Lebanon to chaos and the Lebanese people suffer, we won’t stand idly by and watch the chaos. We will rather extend our hand to make you feel pain, even if that leads to the choice of war with your beloved Israel,’ Nasrallah said. ‘If you push Lebanon to chaos, you will lose in Lebanon, and you should expect chaos in the entire region.’

Nasrallah also said his militia might not allow Israel to continue producing gas from its fields should ‘procrastination’ continue…”

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