NATO chief says Ukraine inflicting ‘heavy losses’ on Russian forces

SpaceWar.com reports: “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that Ukraine was still inflicting major losses on Russia, despite Kyiv not managing to regain captured territory.

‘Of course we would like them to liberate as much territory as possible, as quickly as possible, but even though the frontline has not moved, Ukrainians have been able to inflict heavy losses on the Russian invaders,’ Stoltenberg said.

The assertion from the head of the Western military alliance comes after Ukraine’s top general said the conflict with Russia has ground to a ‘stalemate’.

‘We see high casualty numbers, and some of the most intense fighting that we have seen in the whole war, have actually taken place over the last weeks and couple of months,’ Stoltenberg said.

‘We need to distinguish between the fact that the frontline is not moving so much, and the fact that actually there’s very heavy fighting going on.’

The NATO chief insisted that, while Ukrainian forces were not currently progressing, Kyiv had already recaptured 50 percent of territory seized by Russia since its full-scale invasion.

‘This is a big win for Ukraine,’ he said…”

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