Navy test-fires low-cost, hypersonic-speed projectiles reports: “The U.S. Navy test-fired high-velocity projectiles using existing guns aboard a destroyer during an exercise last summer.

Twenty projectiles were successfully fired at near-hypersonic speed from the USS Dewey’s standard Mk 45, five-inch main deck gun during the ‘Rim of the Pacific’ exercises off Hawaii, the USNI News reported.

It was an attempt to learn if the 40-year-old gun’s utility could include a high-tech, low-cost weapon against cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In October, the Congressional Research Service said in a report that the new weapon, called an HPV or hypervelocity projectile, was designed for a railgun, a device using electromagnetic force to launch projectiles by means of a sliding armature.

Shot from the deck gun, the payload can travel as fast as Mach 7.4, or over 2,400 mph at sea level. The system is under consideration, as is a laser guided system and the railgun approach…”

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