Netanyahu: ‘Horrible nuclear war’ will break out, if Iran isn’t stopped

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A ‘horrible nuclear war’ will break out if the world does not stop Tehran from obtaining atomic weapons, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his first ever address to the Iranian people on Thursday night. 

‘If Iran gets a nuclear weapon, this will be a problem all of us will face. It will change the world,’ he said in an English-language interview with Washington-based Iran International that was also dubbed into Persian and broadcast in Iran.

A nuclear Iran will cause ‘the criss-crossing of the Middle East with nuclear trip wires, as other regimes who understand the danger of a nuclear Iran will rush to arm themselves,’ Netanyahu said, using the platform to urge global action in response to Iran’s enrichment of uranium to 84%, which is close to 90% weapons grade.

Netanyahu said he had a message for ‘those who say, ‘Well, if we take action against Iran, we will face war’ – You will face a war if you don’t, a potentially horrible nuclear war if you don’t.’…”

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