Netanyahu: Intense Rafah fighting almost over, Hezbollah battle is next

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The intense part of the military operation in Rafah is almost over, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday night, explaining that the next goal is to bring an end to Hezbollah’s attacks along the country’s northern border.

‘The intense phase of the war is about to end in Rafah,’ after which the IDF will ‘continue mowing the grass all the time. We will not give up. We hit them hard,’ Netanyahu said in a wide-ranging interview with Channel 14.

It marked the first time since the start of the Gaza war on October 7, that he had granted an interview to an Israeli television station.

Once the IDF completes its intense fighting in Rafah, ‘we will face north,’ Netanyahu said, amid heightened expectation that the IDF is set to launch a military campaign in Lebanon to oust Hezbollah from the territory on Israel’s border to stop its persistent attacks…”

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