Netanyahu: Israel won’t be bound by other countries agreements with Iran

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the British news broadcaster Sky News in an interview that was broadcast Friday morning…

Regarding the Iranian threats against Israel, Netanyahu said: ‘Iran is openly committed to repeating the Holocaust and destroying the 6-7 million Jews of Israel. We’re not going to sit idly by and let them do it. I don’t think that diplomacy by itself will work. I think diplomacy can only work if it’s coupled with a credible military threat or the willingness to apply that military option if deterrence fails.’

‘We’ll do whatever we need to do to defend ourselves,’ he added. ‘Whatever agreements are made, that doesn’t oblige us. If they’re saying that they’re going to destroy us, end Jewish history after 3,000 years, 3,500 years of toiling under the sun, rebuilding our homeland, reestablishing our national life here, and these ayatollahs think that they can threaten us with nuclear holocaust, they’re wrong.’…”

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