Netanyahu to CBS: We’re trying to wipe out Hamas with minimal civilian casualties

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, in an interview which aired on Thursday, that a deal to secure the release of some hostages held by Hamas is closer than before.

The proposal would see Hamas release some of the women and children hostages in exchange for a ceasefire that would last between three and five days.

Asked about the proposed deal and how close Israel is to securing the release of hostages, Netanyahu replied, ‘We’re closer than we were before we began the ground action’ and added the ground operation has ‘put pressure on Hamas to achieve a ceasefire.’

‘We’ll have a temporary cease-fire if we can get our hostages back,’ Netanyahu told O’Donnell, adding, ‘I don’t think it serves that purpose for me to elaborate further on that.’

Netanyahu also insisted Israel is trying to wipe out Hamas ‘with minimal civilian casualties’ and clarified Israel is ‘not seeking to occupy’ Gaza…”

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