Netanyahu: ‘We will cripple our enemies, they will pay a heavy price’

YnetNews.com reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday opened a security cabinet meeting that was expected to weigh a response to rocket fire from Lebanon earlier, saying: ‘We will cripple our enemies, they will pay a heavy price.’

The high-level security cabinet convened for the first time in nearly two months after a barrage of rockets was fired from Lebanon into northern Israel, in an attack attributed to the Gaza-based Hamas terror group.

‘I have made it clear that our enemies should not misjudge us: The internal debate in Israel will not prevent us from taking action against them wherever and whenever necessary. All of us, without exception, are united on this,’ Netanyahu said.

‘We have no intention of changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. We are calling for calming the situation and we will take strong action against extremists who use violence there,’ he continued. ‘Regarding the aggression against us on other fronts, we will strike our enemies and they will pay the price for any act of aggression.’

‘Our enemies will discover, again, that at moments of truth, the citizens of Israel stand united and unified, and back the actions of the [army] and the other security services to defend our country and our people.’…”

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