Nightmare Wedding: Over 100 Christians Burned Alive, Iraqi Gov. Says ‘Accidental’

PJMedia.com reports: “Over 100 Christians were burned alive after a fire broke out during a Christian wedding ceremony in Iraq on Oct. 3, 2023; another 150 attendees were seriously injured. Nearly 60 of those killed in the inferno were directly related to the bride and groom…

In a press conference held on the same day of the tragedy, the Iraqi government announced that its investigation had ‘conclusively concluded’ that the fire was ‘accidental’ and ‘not intentional at all.’

Minutes later, the Syriac Church slammed the announcement: ‘We reject it [the results], we don’t accept it,’ said the Archbishop of Mosul Benedictus Younan Hanno, adding that ‘political conspiracies’ might be afoot…

It is worth noting that this scenario — a fire claims Christian lives only for Muslim authorities to say it was ‘accidental’—has played out many times in the Middle East. Take Egypt, for example, where the region’s largest Christian minority resides…”

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