North Korea Confirms 2nd Hwasong-18 Test, Forewarns of More Pressure

Voice of America News reports: “North Korea has confirmed its latest weapons launch was a second test of its newest intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-18, saying it will ‘clearly show’ Washington the danger and recklessness of its military choices on the peninsula.

The North’s leader, Kim Jong Un, who was present at the morning launch, also forewarned of ‘a series of stronger military offensive[s] … until the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet traitors admit their shameful defeat of their useless hostile policy’ against Pyongyang, according to state media KCNA Thursday.

The report added that the region is in a ‘phase of nuclear crisis beyond the Cold War era,’ citing the deployment of an American nuclear-powered submarine and nuclear strategic bombers to South Korea as well as a planned inaugural meeting of the allies’ Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG) next week.

Both are commitments the U.S. made to Seoul as part of the Washington Declaration in April to galvanize deterrence amid growing North Korean threats and to reassure the South Korean public of its commitment to defend it in the event of a nuclear emergency on the peninsula…”

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